By becoming a member of Jam Transfer affiliate program, you provide visitors of your Web sites the access to the unique base of the Jam Transfer private taxi transportation services. Jam Transfer database has over 1000 destinations in Croatia and neighboring countries available online with over 10,000 transportation routes.

Our rich offering allows each visitor to find an optimal transfer solution for his family and himself, and, therefore, gives a guarantee of a high percentage realized reservations.

Our private taxi transfer service can be reserved for any group size. You can offer it to small or large families who need an airport transfer, you can use it for group excursions, organized skiing trips or any other type of transfer you require.

"We ended the season having transfered over 25 000 passengers. These results were above our expectations, which proved to us that there's the need for such a service and encouraged us to further improve our service. We believe this is because the guests like the sense of safety knowing that their driver will wait for them, as well as they prefer to calculate in advance the total expense of their vacation in order to know how much money they still have at their disposal.

A great part of this success we owe also to the large network of sub agents. We have developed several types of cooperation and hereby we would like to present them to you as well."

Commission Structure
We have two commission structures for our affiliates.
Our "banner" affiliates receive 5% starting commission on all booked transfers. The commission grows simultaniousely with the volume of the business that the affiliate partner brings. Banner affiliates don't need to have a Customer service since all client requests and inquiries are handeled by JamTransfer personnel.

Our API and iframe affiliates receive 8% commission on all realized taxi transfers. These affiliates must have some kind of Customer service since the booking and support is done right from their website. This for of partnership is ideal for Croatian tourist agencies.

Download Affiliate Contract for Jam Transfer banner cooperation.
Simply fill in the contract for with your information and fax it on + 385 21 343 422 or send it on Jam Transfer email.

For anyone interested in becoming affiliate partner through iframe or API please download the affiliate contract related to this for of partnership.
Simply fill in the contract for with your information and fax it on + 385 21 343 422 or send it on Jam Transfer email.

Becomming Jam Transfer Affiliate and Implementing Jam Transfer services on Your website is surprisingly simple. Here is how:

Choose from our wide selection of our Jam Transfer Banners or create custom banner of your own. Then simply insert link on the banner image with your Jam Transfer affiliate code which looks like this:

XXX - is your user ID which you will receive once you become Jam Transfer Affiliate

If you choose to become an iframe affiliate partner you can place the entire Jam Transfer booking engine right on youir website so that your visitors will believe the are using one of the services that you directly provide. The frames are especially designed to keep the appereance and style of the website they are paced on. The Jam Transfer booking engine is created in 7 different languages.
Placing iframe on your website is done by inserting a piece of code anywhere on your website where you want booking engine to appear.

<iframe width=”550″ height=”400″ src=”” SCROLLING=”auto” FRAMEBORDER=”0″ border=”0″></iframe>

XXXX in the code represents your unique code and that’s how we track the orders you bring. You will receive your unique ID once you become affiliate partner of Jam Transfer.

Few examples of Jam Transfer booking engine in use:
Olymp Tours

Jam Transfer API implementation is a bit more difficult and it requires some programming skills. If you decide on this form of affiliate partnership you will have Jam Transfer IT manager on your disposal to help you get started easily. Learn more about API implementation here.

Should you have any questions or need extra information about the Jam Transfer affiliate program, please feel free to contact us at