1,500 Year Old Olive Tree in Kastel Stafilic, Croatia

kastela-olive-tree Now this is what impresses me. Imagine how many generations were rested in the shades of this beautiful tree, how many bottles of olive oil it provided or how many battles were fought in it the vicinity of this proud tree during the last 15 centuries. Just touching this tree with your bare hands takes you far away into the imaginary land of how it used to be.

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Olive tree is a symbol of Dalmatia, it’s hard working people and the land which only the toughest people can cultivate and live from the fruits of their hard work. You can say that olive cultivation and oil production are a big part of rich heritage of this area.

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The Olive tree in Kastel Stafilic was planted during Roman times inside the villa rusticae, and today stands as a real testimony of those times. Since ancient times, the technology used for olive cultivation in this area – planting, harvesting and refining – had hardly changed and was used until quite recently. The older residents of Kastela still remember the technique for crushing the olive fruits when the olives were ground manually, by pushing a wooden beam around a stone mill.

This 1,500 year old olive tree was declared a natural heritage monument in 1990, so you can be sure it will still be there when you come to enjoy in it’s ancient beauty.

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