The Most Beautiful Croatian Island

croatia-islandThis is a million dollar question. Which of 1,148 Croatian islands is the most beautiful one? Each island resident will undoubtedly tell you that his island is the most beautiful one, giving you hundreds of reasons for this.

The readers of the Spanish magazine Conde Nast Traveler chose Croatian as the most beautiful islands in the world. Following Croatia were also islands of Greece, Corsica, Porto Rico and Mauritius. This just goes to show that Croatian islands really are one of the most beautiful in the world.

island-vis-croatiaSo how to choose which one among all of the Croatian islands is the most beautiful one?

I have been to a lot of populated Croatian islands and I would put islands KorĨula, Mljet, Hvar and Vis among the most beautiful that I have visited. Choosing the most beautiful one among these three is not easy but I would choose island Vis as the most beautiful one for me.
The main reason for this decision is the seclusion of island Vis (so it’s not too crowded during the summer) and the underwater of Vis island is just something breathtaking.

Which is the most beautiful Croatian island according to You?
Share your opinion and help us choose the most beautiful Croatian island.

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4 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Croatian Island

  1. Villa Vis Croatia

    I must agree with you one thousand percent. The island of Vis is so beautiful that it magically transformed my entire life. I left my little beach house in Hermosa Beach, California to open a yoga retreat and live in Vis last year. It,s simply breathtaking, THE pearl of the Adriatic.

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  3. Nina

    Vis is beautiful, although I stayed in Komiza not the city of Vis, but I am most impressed with Lastovo. It is so isolated and so far out from the land that coming to Lastovo seems like you have traveled through time.

  4. Antonia

    I have no doubts that Lastovo is beautiful, as well as many other Croatian islands. You practically can not believe that there really exists such an archipelago in Europe as we’re used to seeing similar landscapes only in Hawaii or Seychelles.
    But what distinguishes Vis from the other islands is its incredible positive energy that makes it really a unique place, at least among the ones I personally visited. No wonder than that it can encourage some people on big changes in life because this place is really something else!! So my voice goes also to Vis!

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