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yacht-charter-croatiaWe are proud to introduce our brand new website dedicated to yacht charter services in Croatia. Yacht charter, especially in Croatia, is a growing business and we are thinking about the ways how to increase the quality of service and guest satisfaction in charter business along the Adriatic coast.

If you ever chartered a yacht in Croatia, or anywhere else for that matter, you know that the check-in day can be very stressful. After you arrive at your marina following exhausting travel either by car, train or by plane, it’s not unusual to find that your chartered yacht is not ready yet. To make it clear, a boat is not an apartment or a hotel and many unexpected things can happen during the charter. It can get into collision, the engine can breakdown, the sails can rip or any other number of things can occur.

I am not sure if you are aware of this fact, but the employees of the respected charter agency have only a few hours to get everything fixed, cleaned and ready for you.

After your yacht is ready there is another thing you must get done. The actual check-in. It usually takes from 45 minutes to an hour to completely inspect the yacht. From my experience, the more time you take to do a check-in properly that much easier the check out procedure will be.

yacht-provisioning-croatiaSo now you are all set to start your magnificent vacation and cruise through over 1,000 Croatian islands. But wait, there is still something missing.
Oh no, you still need to do all the charter shopping so you have something to eat and drink while on board. You also need bathroom and cleaning products. Maybe you see that there are no gargles on board and you left yours at home….

Excuse me, can you tell me where the shopping mall is? This is the most common question in any marina and you are doomed to ask it yourself. It is one kilometer up that way, your charter provider answers. Can someone take me there? Sorry, we are busy with check-ins, but the mall is close, you’ll be fine. I am fine to get there but who will bring all the shopping stuff back to the yacht?

You travel the whole day to get there, you waited for your yacht to be ready, you did the check in completely concentrated not to miss anything and you did all that while baking in over 40 degrees Celsius heat. Believe me when I tell you, the reward is enormous, but this experience takes out a lot out of you even if you consider yourself the most resilient of us.

No sweat, we can’t do anything to speed up your check-in procedure, we can’t fix your boat on time but there is something we can do. Something I bet you will love.
Imagine that when you start the yacht check-in you find that everything you need, product wise, is already on board waiting for you. And it’s not something you don’t need; it’s all the products you ordered months ahead from the comfort of your home. Wouldn’t you just love that?

That is the service we are offering now to enhance the quality of your yacht charter experience anywhere in Croatia, in any marina where your yacht check-in could be. We believe that our Croatian yacht provisioning offer is the most unique offer you can find in Croatia and can be compared to the highest quality provisioning services in the rest of the world.

Except from offering the highest quality services, what else is unique about Jam Yacht Supply? Well, the most important thing I would guess is the price. The price for any product is in the range of the prices you will find in the grocery stores near the marinas. That is not all, besides the competitive price, the delivery to the yacht is free. It’s not a typo, I wrote it and you read it right, the yacht provisioning service is completely free. There is a catch however, no it’s nothing big, the ordered amount must be higher than €100 for the delivery to be free. When you look at it, most of the yachts are chartered for at least 7 days so the total price amount for free delivery is not high at all.

Take the time to check our online Yacht Provisioning Catalog and make your next charter vacation in Croatia unforgettable. You’ll be surprised to find that our yacht provisioning catalog has over 10,000 products so I can bet my paycheck you will find everything you need there.

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Since this is a new service for Yacht Charter in Croatia you can post any questions in the comment box below