Travel Insurance Protection When Chartering a Yacht in Croatia

yacht-charter-croatia-insurance1If you have every taken out a charter yacht for a while you will in all likelihood comprehend the enticement to take one out for longer period. This can be an highly enjoyable way to spend a few days but it is amazing how many individuals neglect to arrange insurance cover for this event.

There are many circumstances where the employment of insurance is ignored even though in all good conscience it should not be but when you hire a yacht for a long period, there is no excuse not to have sufficient travel insurance protection. Regrettably the vast majority of people think that they are covered by the yacht insurance they take out when they arrange the charter.

The reality is that their insurance does not cover you or your belongings so in the event of an emergency, a private yacht chartering company’s rental insurance would in all likelihood cover their employees and their vessel therefore your property will not be protected. The question is can you afford to take the chance of not arranging this important document to cover yourself and your immediate family when chartering a yacht in Croatia or anywhere else in the world?

Travel insurance, if you are unfamiliar with it, comes in a number of different formats and extensive travel insurance packages incline to include refunds for trips that need to be cut short due to injuries or medical illnesses. While it is good to have these types of travel insurance packages, there are particular types of insurance that you will need to have. Let’s take a look at some of these which are important yet very often neglected.

yacht-charter-croatia-travel-insuranceOne of these is accidental death and while the likelihood of this happening is low, this should not be a risk that anyone is prepared to take even though nearly all yacht charters are safe and successful. Remember that you will be on the open seas and events can take a turn for the worse and accidents are indeed possible. So always add accidental death to your travel insurance even though the chances of it being needed are very low.

After our lives, our possessions are important to us so you will need to guarantee adequate provision is made in this area as well. While most possessions are not taken on holiday with us, numerous small and large electronic possessions we use every day are very expensive to replace so the cover should provide for possessions that are lost, stolen or even damaged.

When looking at this type of coverage, it is important that you thoroughly examine the fine print as many insurance suppliers limit the amount of money you are able to be reimbursed in the likely hood that your luggage gets lost, stolen, or damaged. The prices for travel insurance are not usually high so don’t skimp on this when you charter your yacht charter insurance.

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