The Answer to Your Yacht Charter Provisioning Worries


So how it works is: you find a yacht that you wish to charter and you contact the agency to book the vessel. Once you have booked it the agent will inform you of the payment plan: as usually the payment is done in advance, in different time intervals.

If you haven’t already arranged your transportation to Croatia, than this is the last chance to do that. If you are going on vacation for one week and you will spend the entire week on the yacht, taking your car is a waste of time and money, as you will often have to pay for the parking for the week, and not to even mention the risk of it being damaged or stolen.
We highly recommend flying to one of the five coastal airports in Croatia: Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, Split or Dubrovnik.

The charter agent will usually inform you of the necessary documents and things they recommend you bring along with you, and many of them will offer a provisioning list, so you can get the bare necessities in advance.
Why is that, well because usually you will arrive on Saturday, already a hectic day on the airports and in marinas in Croatia. Don’t be surprised if your flight is delayed or late up to several hours, so if you should have been in Croatia at 10 AM, it might happen, that you will in fact arrive at 4 PM, or even later if something unexpected happens. Once you arrive to the airport, if you haven’t booked an airport transfer you will need to find a taxi, a shuttle bus or a local bus to get you to the marina.

And finally there you are –in the marina. Is that it? Are you done for the day? Not quite!

yacht-charter-croatia1 You still have to check-in, so an employee of the agency will come with you to check the vessel, to show you the basic things, machines and equipment on the vessel, you will proceed to submit the documents of the passengers for the registration, if there are still payments to be made, this is when you will have to take care of it. Next thing is boarding the vessel: you log all the luggage to the vessel, and once you do that –you are done for the day!
If you are lucky and arrive in the afternoon, than you won’t be doing all of this in the heat of the burning sun and in the crowded marina, as hundreds of guests are all boarding their boats.

So finally you are on the vessel: you are tired, hungry, hot and you have nothing to eat or drink on the boat. If you were lucky to be doing the check-in in the afternoon, than unfortunately it is too late to go shopping, as it’s already evening and the shops are closed.
But even if you arrive in the morning be careful about going groceries shopping right away; as until the boat is ready you have nowhere to put the groceries you buy.

Avoid bringing all the things with you, as airplane overweight will cost you more than the actual products you bring. Or think about loosing your luggage –when all your belongings were in your suitcase, and suddenly you’re stuck without any hygiene products.

The smartest thing to do regarding groceries and everything else you may need is to order all the products from the comfort of your home –so whenever you arrive to the marina, the products you ordered will be waiting for you there. You can get this service from Jam Yacht Supply provisioning service in Croatia. One less thing for you to worry about!

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