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Croatia Boat Show 2009

croatia-boat-showThe 11th Croatia Boat Show in Split has opened its doors to visitors from all over the world on 28th of March. The boat show is traditionally being held in Split harbor next to the popular promenade Riva. This year Croatia Boat Show will not expand its exhibition space as it did year after year so far, but it will remain in the size of last year’s event.

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Advertise Your Yacht Charter Agency for *Free*

yacht-charter-croatia-free-advertising1Yacht Charter in Croatia is growing rapidly every year and the yacht charter service is improving continuously as the yacht charter competition grows. To distinguish themselves from the competition, yacht charter agencies in Croatia are always looking for new improved ways to exceed their client’s expectations.

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Yacht Charter Croatia General Tips


When preparing for a charter vacation in Croatia you should know some general things about packing and what to bring with you or what you should leave at home. Many people come unprepared which spoils their vacation to some extent so it is best to prepare in advance for your long avaited charter vacation in Croatia.

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The Answer to Your Yacht Charter Provisioning Worries


So how it works is: you find a yacht that you wish to charter and you contact the agency to book the vessel. Once you have booked it the agent will inform you of the payment plan: as usually the payment is done in advance, in different time intervals.

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Travel Insurance Protection When Chartering a Yacht in Croatia

yacht-charter-croatia-insurance1If you have every taken out a charter yacht for a while you will in all likelihood comprehend the enticement to take one out for longer period. This can be an highly enjoyable way to spend a few days but it is amazing how many individuals neglect to arrange insurance cover for this event.

There are many circumstances where the employment of insurance is ignored even though in all good conscience it should not be but when you hire a yacht for a long period, there is no excuse not to have sufficient travel insurance protection. Regrettably the vast majority of people think that they are covered by the yacht insurance they take out when they arrange the charter.

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Ask a Question About Yacht Provisioning Service in Croatia

As you may already know we have introduced a yacht provisioning service for chartered yachts in Croatia. We have an online catalog with over 10,000 products and everything you order will await for you on your chartered yacht. This is a great way to save valuable vacation time and not to go crazy with everything you need to do when you arrive at the marina for the check in.

If you have any questions regarding this service, fell free to post them  into the comment box below and we’ll do our best to provide you with the as concise answer as possible.

Till you wait for your question to be answered, you can check the following article about our yacht supply service in Croatia.

Yacht Provisioning Service Croatia
Yacht Supply Croatia

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Ask a Question about Yacht Charter in Croatia

ask-a-question-yacht-charter-croatiaInterested in chartering a yacht in Croatia and explore over one thousand Croatian islands? There are many questions that need to be answered about chartering a yacht in Croatia. Post your question in the comment box below and our team will do it’s best to provide you with the quality answer.

You can check one interesting article about required documents you need to bring when chartering a yacht in Croatia posted on our yacht provisioning catalog.

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What Documents do I Need when Chartering a Yacht in Croatia?

yacht-charter-Croatia (16) As you may have seen already, we have introduced a new service for travelers chartering a yacht in Croatia. I am talking about yacht provisioning service where you order everything you need for your charter vacation through our online provisioning catalog, and everything ordered awaits for you at the yacht when you arrive for the yacht check-in at any coastal marina in Croatia.

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Provisioning Service – Yacht Charter Croatia

yacht-charter-croatiaWe are proud to introduce our brand new website dedicated to yacht charter services in Croatia. Yacht charter, especially in Croatia, is a growing business and we are thinking about the ways how to increase the quality of service and guest satisfaction in charter business along the Adriatic coast.

If you ever chartered a yacht in Croatia, or anywhere else for that matter, you know that the check-in day can be very stressful. After you arrive at your marina following exhausting travel either by car, train or by plane, it’s not unusual to find that your chartered yacht is not ready yet. To make it clear, a boat is not an apartment or a hotel and many unexpected things can happen during the charter. It can get into collision, the engine can breakdown, the sails can rip or any other number of things can occur.

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