Landing at Zagreb (Pleso) Airport

Watch the video about landing at Zagreb airport. From the airplane window you can see Velika Gorica city and Pleso where Zagreb airport is located at. Zagreb or airport Pleso is the largest airport in Croatia and majority of international flights land there. Also majority of passengers leaving the Croatia with Croatia Airlines usually must take connecting flights through Zagreb airport when leaving Croatia.

The Pleso airport is around 10 kilometers away from the main railway station in Zagreb. You can get there by Pleso airport bus service or you can arrange airport Zagreb taxi service to get you from anywhere in Zagreb to the airport. Airport Zagreb taxi service can also be booked in advance so the taxi will await for you at the airport for you and your airplane to arrive. With over 2 million passengers going through the Zagreb airport in 2008 the need for these extra services on the airport is growing and many of those services like airport taxi transfers can be booked months in advance now which is a great benefit for travelers arriving to Croatia.

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