Easter Activities on the Island Krk, Croatia

krk-island-croatiaIf you enjoy nature walks and you wish to spend Easter in a special way, do it on island Krk. This special Easter programme is planned from 10.04 – 13.04 and is available to anyone interested in spending Easter on this special island. “The path of asparagus”, as it is called, leads you through olive fields and across old and small shepherd roads. Further the route includes a boat ride to the small town of Dunat to visit an old Christian church that whitenesses how Krk is the cradle of the written word of Croatians.

Along the way the participants will look for and pick asparagus that will, at the end of the tour, be added to the omlet made of 1002 eggs that will later be served to them. The program will be spiced up with traditional songs and dances typical to Krk and the region.

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