Croatia Wine Tours

croatia-wine-toursCulinary Croatia’s original and exclusive wine tours of Croatia, envelop you in the rich scents and ambiance of centuries-old cellars and vineyards. The guides in the world of Croatian wine are the expert vintners whose families have cultivated grapes here for hundreds of years in almost the same regions!

Visits to the renowned vineyards of Mario Bartulović, Mike Grgich (of Napa Valley) and Alen Bibich will give you a comprehensive view of the traditional techniques that make our wine so unique and special. Not only on the hills of Dalmatia, our tours span from the hillside of Istria and rolling plains of Slavonia to the rugged coastline of Dubrovnik.

Croatia is not only the ancestral home of the Zinfandel grape and a vinting tradition that spans for a millennium; but also a hidden treasure trove of truly memorable experiences in South and Central European wine.

For exclusive Croatian wine tours please contact our partners Secret Dalmatia

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