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croatia-vacationsCroatia is a famous tourist destination and is impatiently waiting for the begining of the Croatia vacations season. You can feel this in every corner in popular Croatian destinations. Hotels, apartments and private accommodations are given final touches, charter yachts are being repainted and refurnished so they can welcome their guests in all their beauty. Everywhere you go you can feel the rush of the upcoming Croatia vacations season.

Even though the entire world is in the recession (probably the most used word globally in the past few months) Croatians feel that this vacations season should not fall behind the last year’s one. They are not expecting to see growth in arrivals but they are expecting to be in the level of the last season.

For example in February just in Google search engine travel related keywords were typed into search engines for specific keywords:

hotels Croatia
– 135,000 search inquiries
travel Croatia – 74,000 searches
Croatia hotel – 40,500 searches
Croatia vacations – 60,500 searches
Croatia holiday -12,100 searches
and so on.

This shows that Croatia is pretty much still in the heart of European vacationers who find Croatia the best vacations spot for years now.

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