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Blue Montenegro – Dubrovnik Tour

dubrovnik-tour-blue-montenegroSurrounded by high mountains reflected in the blue waters, a fjord-shaped Bay of Kotor is one of the most spectacular landscapes on the Mediterranean. Drive along the bay past Risan and picturesque Perast, a home- town of many captains. Boat ride to the man-made islet of Our Lady of the Rocks (Gospa od Škrpjela). Upon returning home safely, seamen dropped rocks and old boats filled with rocks in this place and gradually created the islet as the foundation for the church. Continuation to Kotor, town that has always been providing a safe harbour to navigators and its famous merchant navy. City tour of Kotor with its beautiful Romanesque cathedral of St Triphun, surrounded by walls and fortresses included on the UNESCO`s World Heritage List.

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Montenegro Tour from Dubrovnik

montenegro-tour-dubrovnikDiscover the Bay of Kotor, one of the most spectacular sceneries on the Mediterranean, surrounded by high mountains with picturesque small towns along its shores. Drive to Kotor past Risan, once the seat of the Illyrian queen Teuta and picturesque Perast. City tour of the old city of Kotor with the Romanesque Cathedral of St Triphun encircled by walls and fortresses included on the UNESCO`s World Heritage List.

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Sightseeing Ston – Mediterranean Gardens

excursion-stonDiscover Ston with its 5-kilometer long walls, a city built in the 15th century according to a plan with a rectangular scheme of streets and squares and its Rector’s Palace. Ston is renowned for its delicious oysters and mussels that you will taste in one of the local restaurants. Another landmark of Ston are its old salt ponds where the salt is still produced today in the old way.
We continue to the Arboretum in Trsteno with a 15th century summer residence of the Dubrovnik patrician family Gucetić-Gozze surrounded by a beautiful Renaissance garden.

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Experience Konavle – Dubrovnik

KonavleDiscover the picturesque Konavle countryside with thirty villages surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and numerous cypress trees. Visit to Sunday Fair in Čilipi where women dressed in national costumes sell their hand made embroideries. Opportunity to attend the Holy Mass at the church of St Nicholas. A folklore performance in front of the church followed by a visit to the Konavle Ethnographic Museum housing objects of daily use, festive costume of the bride and groom and jewellery.
Drive to Molunat for a view over Prevlaka peninsula, the southernmost part of Croatia. Lunch at Konavoski Dvori restaurant with old watermills on the river Ljuta. Continuation to Mihanići for a visit to the home and gallery of the naive painter Mijo Šiša Konavljanin.

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Čilipi Village – Konavle Valley – Folklore

cilipi-folklore-dubrovnikThe Konavle Valley with its thirty villages, well known for its beautiful landscape, elegant national costumes and embroideries has carefully preserved its traditions and customs passed down through generations.
Traditional welcome in Čilipi with dry figs and herb brandy followed by a walk through this picturesque village with a typical rural architecture. At the Sunday Fair you will have opportunity to buy hand made souvenirs and embroideries or attend the Holy Mass at St. Nicholas’ church, where countrymen come dressed in their national costumes. Enjoy the folklore performance of dances and folk music of the area held in front of the church. Visit to the Konavle Ethnographic Museum arranged like a typical Konavle house with objects of daily use, jewelery and festive costumes of the bride and groom.

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Konavle Excursion – Dubrovnik Village Party

konavla-village-excursionLate afternoon departure to Konavle Valley known for its rolling hills covered with vineyards, olive groves and elegant cypress trees giving a special grace to the landscape. The impressive surrounding mountains give shelter to picturesque villages that have preserved the old traditional architecture, exquisite cuisine and beautiful national costumes.
Warm welcome followed by gourmet dinner at an old Konavle house with a 350 year old watermill and olive oil press. Taste delicious home-made smoked ham and cheese, meat with potatoes prepared under the iron bell. Enjoy a cosy countryside atmosphere with a music entertainment.

Transfers, guide, dinner, drinks and music entertainment included.

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Explore Mostar – Oriental Heritage

mostar-excursionHaving experienced different historical development over the centuries this area has remained the meeting place of cultures and religions with traces clearly visible today. Drive to Neum along the coast, then inlands through the picturesque Neretva River Delta up to Mostar. During the Turkish rule, the city developed on the banks of the river as an important trade center on caravan routes.
We tour the old city of Mostar included in 2005 on the UNESCO`s World Heritage List, with its graceful Old Bridge with a single span, colorful Bazaar with traditional handicrafts, Mosque and a typical Turkish house. On our way back we stop at the fortress-town Počitelj, a well preserved example of oriental architecture perched on a hillside above the river.

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Explore Korcula Island

explore-korculaLying on a small peninsula surrounded by city walls and fortresses, Korčula is one of the most beautiful medieval cities on the Adriatic Coast. Covered in dense pine forest, the island was named Korkyra Melaina, meaning “Black Korčula”, by the Greeks in the 3rd century B.C. It is considered to be the birthplace of Marco Polo, famous world traveler. We tour its charming streets and squares with Renaissance palaces, town loggia and magnificent Cathedral of St Mark, the city’s patron saint.
This excursion also includes a drive across the picturesque peninsula of Pelješac, famous wine-growing area, with a stop in Prizdrina for a wine tasting.

Transfers, guide and entrance fees included.

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Fish Picnic on Elaphites – Dubrovnik Islands

elaphite-picnic-dubrovnikSail along the Elaphite Islands covered with luxuriant subtropical vegetation of laurel, pine, cypress, olive trees, thyme and rosemary. The islands used to be a favorite place for summer residence of the Dubrovnik aristocracy. Depart to Suđurađ on the island of Šipan, a fishermen’s port with the 16th century summer villa of the Skočibuha family. Continue to the bay of Janska where we enjoy a typical Dalmatian lunch with fish and wine accompanied by a group singing Dalmatian songs. Sail to Lopud, known for its rich maritime tradition, a home to many famous captains and sailors. Lungo mare walk to the Franciscan Monastery and the 19th century Gjiorgic-Mayneri park. Time at leisure for swimming on one of the sandy beaches.
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Explore Elaphite Islands – Dubrovnik

dubrovnik-elaphite-islands1A pleasant cruise to the Elaphite Islands stretching west from Dubrovnik. Abounding in luxuriant subtropical vegetation of laurel, pine, cypress and olive trees, thyme and rosemary, the islands used to be a favorite place for summer residence of the Dubrovnik aristocracy. We sail to the island of Koločep, covered by dense pine forest with a picturesque fisherman village lying along the bay. Continuation to Suđurađ on the island of Šipan, a fisherman’s port with a 16th century summer villa of the Skočibuha family. Continuation to Lopud that boasts its long maritime tradition, a home of famous captains and sailors. Lungo mare walk to the Franciscan monastery and the 19th century Gjorgic-Mayneri park. Time at leisure for swimming on one of the sandy beaches.

Transfers, guide and welcome drink aboard included. Light sportswear and swim wear recommended.

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