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1,500 Year Old Olive Tree in Kastel Stafilic, Croatia

kastela-olive-tree Now this is what impresses me. Imagine how many generations were rested in the shades of this beautiful tree, how many bottles of olive oil it provided or how many battles were fought in it the vicinity of this proud tree during the last 15 centuries. Just touching this tree with your bare hands takes you far away into the imaginary land of how it used to be.

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Visit Kastela – When 7 Towns, 7 Castles come Together as One


Kastela is the city adjacent to Split and is composed of 7 Kastela towns. The names of 7 Kastela are as follows:

Kastel Stafilic – From my point of view, the must see thing in Kastel Stafilic is the olive tree which is 1,500 years old. It bears a witness of continuous noble surroundings and the arts and crafts of local farmers.

Kastel Novi – a walk through the narrow typical coastal streets of Kastel Novi, along the stone halls and arcades leads you to the cellars of Kastela’s wine makers. That is where they store their quality wines for which they cared through the year.

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