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Easter Activities on the Island Krk, Croatia

krk-island-croatiaIf you enjoy nature walks and you wish to spend Easter in a special way, do it on island Krk. This special Easter programme is planned from 10.04 – 13.04 and is available to anyone interested in spending Easter on this special island. “The path of asparagus”, as it is called, leads you through olive fields and across old and small shepherd roads. Further the route includes a boat ride to the small town of Dunat to visit an old Christian church that whitenesses how Krk is the cradle of the written word of Croatians.

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Croatia Vacations

croatia-vacationsCroatia is a famous tourist destination and is impatiently waiting for the begining of the Croatia vacations season. You can feel this in every corner in popular Croatian destinations. Hotels, apartments and private accommodations are given final touches, charter yachts are being repainted and refurnished so they can welcome their guests in all their beauty. Everywhere you go you can feel the rush of the upcoming Croatia vacations season.

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Croatia in Top 35 Tourist Destinations in the World

croatia-vacationAmong 133 countries competing Croatia remains in the 34th place in world tourism competition. This year the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report emphasizes the effect of energy prices on tourism and price competitiveness which is one of the greatest difficulties this industry currently faces.

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Private Wine Tour of the Pelješac Peninsula

private-wine-tour-peljesac-croatiaThis wine tour will take you to the beautiful Pelješac peninsula. Located in the heart of South Dalmatia, this picturesque area is home to some of the most intriguing red wines in Europe. This fantastic wine tour includes several wine-tasting opportunities at local wine cellars and a relaxing visit to the vineyards on the slopes of the peninsula.

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Croatia Wine Tours

croatia-wine-toursCulinary Croatia’s original and exclusive wine tours of Croatia, envelop you in the rich scents and ambiance of centuries-old cellars and vineyards. The guides in the world of Croatian wine are the expert vintners whose families have cultivated grapes here for hundreds of years in almost the same regions!

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Cetina River Rafting

cetina-rafting-croatiaFor Croatia vacationers who enjoy adventure or sport and fun as the favorite vacation type, Omiš is an excellent vacation destination for them. Cetina River and its canyon of unparalleled beauty give you an unforgettable experience, justifying epithet of town Omis, as the best place for rafting, either for the beginners or for the experts. You don’t have to go far from the sea to meet the charm of the River; just few kilometers upstream from the mouth of Cetina begins three hours trip-adventure through picturesque river cuts, dancing waterfalls and rapids, meanwhile offering the clear water surrounded by green woods.

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Visit Lipica Stud Farm and Caves in Postojna – Istria

lipica-stud-farm-istriaAfter a pleasant trip e we arrive at the small place Postojna, where we will see one of the best known and most beautiful caves in Europe. The caves are 22 km long, and an electric train will take us through one part, after which we will walk about 2 km through the most beautiful part of the caves. Then we proceed to Lipica, the place where the well-known Lipizzaner horses have been bred for centuries. From there a professional guide will take you to the stud farm where you will be witness a special performance program.

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Wine Tour Istria

wine-tour-istria2Wine tour of Istria starts with a pleasurable drive through the Istrian countryside to the village of Markovac. After visiting the wine cellar, you are invited to sample their wines (White, Red and Sweet) and Grappa accompanied with cheese, istrian pršut and fritule. This half-day excursion is lovely way to spend a afternoon and there is also oportunity to buy some of their quality wine.

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Truffle Tour – Search For and Later Feast with Istrian Truffles

truffle-search-istria-truffle-tourCulinary agree only on one thing – truffle in gastronomy is on top level. Unusual underground hidden bulb, with no plant above ground is very difficult to find. Only, a well trained dog can sniff them. Truffles grow in grey soil, in woody humid area of Motovun in the valley Mirna.

Exactly that is where we go with a truffler and with his well dressed dogs seeking his majesty –truffle.

During our 3 hour walk through the forest truffler will tell us all the secrets and particulars about truffles. After that, lunch will be served on base of truffles followed with wine in a specialized restaurant.

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