Airport Transportation Affiliate Program


Airport Transportation Affiliate Program

All You have to do is include a few lines of code on Your site – and start making money ! You can easily track Your commissions and receive payments whenever and however You like ! Your customers will love the opportunity to find all they need in one place – your offer of tickets, hotel rooms and now a simple way to get there.

We have “JamTransfered” over 200,000 people in the past period, and numbers are going up! Our list of happy customers is growing as You read this …

If You browse through our site, You will find out that there are more than 3000 transfer destinations in Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Italy that we transfer our clients to and from.

Our transportation service was created for online search and purchase of transfers: between all airports in Croatia, several airports in the neighboring countries and more than 1000 destinations in Croatia and the neighboring countries, all available online.

Jam Transfer Airport Transportation website has been active since the beginning of 2008. and so far the results have been extremely good. The guests have shown great interest in purchasing the airport transfers – we have had over 1000 reservations between all airports in our offer, and during the summer season we introduced new terminals and destinations.

We ended the season having transferred over 25 000 passengers. These results were above our own expectations, which proved to us that there’s the need for such a service and encouraged us to further improve our service. We believe this is because the guests like to know in advance that the vehicle will wait for them as well as knowing in advance the total expense of their vacation so that they know how much money they still have at their disposal. A great part of this success is also thank to the network of affiliate agents. We have developed several means of cooperation and hereby we would like to present them to you.

We offer three ways of cooperating with us in a manner that you receive a commission for all reservations that we receive from your site.

One of the options would be to insert links into your web site leading to our site: every time someone visits our site from your web pages -it is registered, and if they proceed to make the booking, you receive the commission for the booking made. Something similar to the link on this site:, under the “Trogir Photo Gallery” is a textual link to our site. Of course the link can be a text or a photo and it can be designed to fit your site as you wish. The starting commission for this type of cooperation is 5% per booking, and with the growth of the amount booked from your site, the commission percentage grows as well.

Second option is that you insert our affiliate “iframe” into your web site, thus you offer your visitors a new service with no extra hassle for you. Several examples of our “iframe”, are online on the following partner web sites: & The main difference is that in case of inserting the “iframe” you take over the guest contact, as the frame fully integrates into your site and appears as one of your services.

We have created several iframe colors to match Your site visually as close as possible:

The starting commission for this kind of cooperation is 8%.

Inserting online transportation form on your website is very easy. All you need to do is insert this code on your website:

<iframe width=”550″ height=”400″ src=”” SCROLLING=”auto” FRAMEBORDER=”0″ border=”0″></iframe>

XXXX in the code represents your unique code and that’s how we track the amount of business you bring.

The third option is called API and is little more demanding for the programmer of your site. Using our API service however You can completely customize the “look and feel” of our services to perfectly match those of your website. How that works is that we provide you with a user name and password to connect to our data base, so your search engine actually browses through our data base with the prices, duration of transfers and the types of vehicles – you can present these information in any form you wish and preform the payment in any form you like as well. Starting commission for this kind of service is again 8% and grows along with the growth of the business your website brings.

I hope you recognize the benefits both you and your clients would have from a potential cooperation with our site.
If you have any questions or need further information please see: or contact us, we stand at your disposal.

At the moment airport transportation service is provided in Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia but we have a plan to create airport transportation offer for the entire World in the near future which will automatically expand Your transportation offer as Jam Transfer affiliate.

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If you have any additional comments, questions or suggestions on how to improve our airport transportation affiliate program please post them here.